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KSA - Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

You found a job you want to apply for - but what is this … they want a KSA? You can do them in what? It is a CCAR? Isn’t that illegal? No, it is a little confusing; however, it is similar to the CV. A KSA is just an assessment you write up that defines your knowledge, skills, and abilities - and we will help. Our experts are experienced in writing KSAs for USAJOBS applicants. When you order the best KSA from our expert writers you will be in contact with a writer who has experience in developing these types of resumes, and your writer will ask you specific questions designed to establish the correct relationships between your previous education and experience and the job position your are applying.

  • Organizations require a different type of resume; however, many organizations have discovered that a good KSA is actually much better at establishing best fits for job positions than any other type of resume. While most often you will only have requests for KSA resumes from USAJOBS, it is likely to become a new standard in organizational resume writing. Our experts have experience in writing these types of resume and in preparation for future organizational developments; our experts have used combined knowledge to establish best practices that will enable you to have the best KSA resume.

  • The primary way to demonstrate your skills and achievements is using the best KSA you can when applying for these types of jobs. Government jobs are often higher paying positions that can keep you working and protect your benefits. These types of jobs can be a critical career move that improves your future, even for retirement. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality KSA to assist you in standing out and receiving an interview from the HR department.