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    You’ve just started your career and don’t have a lot of work experience? Ask for an entry-level resume.

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  • I received an offer within two weeks of having worked with you, after trying to find a job for six months. Thank you so much!
  • Your writers managed to describe me perfectly. I highly appreciate your help.
  • I never thought that my CV could look this good! Now I want to hire me by myself :)
  • Thank you for the cover letter you’ve written for me. I got the job!
  • You’ve laid out all my immense work experience so clearly, that’s amazing!
  • My resume looks fantastic! Thanks for showing me how good I am!

Federal resume writing services to help you build a career in government

Do you find job opportunities provided by the federal government appealing? Then you should get ready for a long and complex hiring process. Thousands of ambitious graduates annually seek positions in all branches of the government, from civil services to the armed forces. If you are one of them, start with completing a top-notch federal resume. The task can be more challenging than you think. Here are a few points you should consider when applying for a federal job.

  • A resume for federal positions is nothing like a CV you can use to apply for jobs in the private sector. The simplest resume for a starting position in the government should be at least 2 pages in length, include a detailed description of your skills, and strongly advertise you to the federal hiring agents. The competition in the government sector is huge; therefore, you have to work really hard on your resume to at least be considered highly qualified for a job. Such a resume can look a lot like a cover letter, but it’s much more complex than that.

  • Writing a federal resume takes time, but it’s absolutely doable for an ambitious applicant. When developing your resume for a governmental position, you should provide all the basic information about yourself, including citizenship and veteran status, if you have any. Make sure you list all jobs you’ve ever had, including responsibilities and achievements. Mention all the schools you have studied at and all courses you have completed. Also, you should include other relevant information into your federal resume. If you feel uncertain about what to include in your CV, use our federal resume writing services to get help. It’s important to make your resume as comprehensive as possible because every detail can add value to your application.

  • Whatever your ambition is, you should not pursue a federal job for the sake of money or getting to the top quickly. No federal job will lead into politics, and average salaries for federal jobs are not high enough to compete with the private sector. Even so, working for the federal government has plenty of advantages, like being able to contribute to the improvement of your city or town, fighting global issues, or getting diplomatic opportunities. If you mention such aspirations in your resume, include a general plan on how these goals can be achieved. Otherwise, your potential employers may simply dismiss you after the interview, assuming that you have no workable ideas.

  • If you seek an expert’s advice on how to develop an outstanding resume for a position in the government, our professionals are the right people to ask. We help applicants compose effective resumes every day, and we can help you write yours and display every strong point you have. Using our federal resume writing services, you can complete a successful CV for the government quickly and painlessly. All you need is to give us your instructions, and we will do the writing part.

  • Our company is a hub of talented resume writers who offer their help with different types of resumes. Every day, numerous individuals decide to get a job in the government, and our specialists have experience completing CVs for that purpose. Your federal resume writer knows precisely the structure of this document and can assist you in depicting yourself as a candidate worthy of a job in the government. Each of our specialists will pay maximum attention to your CV. By buying your federal resume from us, you will increase your chances in securing an interview for your dream job.

  • Because a good federal resume takes at least 2 pages of writing, our experts need time to work on your CV. Our shortest deadline for writing your resume is 24 hours. You can also ask us to complete your CV within 48 or 72 hours, thereby decreasing the cost of your paper. We offer you these options to keep your price flexible and to allow your federal resume writer enough time to investigate your information and present it in an appealing manner to potential employers.