How to write a resume with no experience

Writing a resume can be a time consuming process even when you have tons of experience in your field. However, it gets even more complicated when you are looking for your first job, have no work experience, and are desperately trying to impress the interviewer. It may feel like you are stuck in this loop where you can’t get a job because you have no work experience. Yet, there is no need to panic as it is possible to impress the whole HR team and the potential employer even if you have not acquired any experience. You just need to craft a convincing resume. Here are a few tips on how to write a resume with no experience and get the job of your dreams.

Choose a resume format

There are a few formats you can use in your resume: functional, chronological, or hybrid. When you choose a functional format, your goal is to focus on highlighting your achievements and skills instead of work experience. If you decide to use a chronological resume format, you will need to list your work experience in reverse-chronological order. A hybrid format is a combination of the two. When you have zero work experience, the best option is to focus on the skills which you have already acquired, as well as explain how they will help you deal with work tasks effectively. Don’t forget to mention all your achievements as well. You never know what kind of a candidate the HR team is after.

Mention your internships

If you think that an internship is not worthy of mentioning in your resume, you are wrong. Sometimes you learn more working as an intern than after spending five years in a big company. Apart from that, working as an intern means that you had to deal with tons of complex situations and find solutions to problems that once seemed impossible to solve. Therefore, don’t hesitate to dedicate the whole paragraph to briefly explaining what kind of internships you’ve had, and what you’ve learned while being an intern.

Specify resume objective statements

This aspect is important as it helps you define what your career goals are, as well as what you expect to achieve. Summarize who you are as a professional in a few sentences to give your potential employer a better understanding of your aims and expectations. What is more, it will help them decide whether you are a right fit for the team. Apart from that, you will be more aware of what you want in terms of your career as soon as you write down these resume objective statements.

Focus on your education

When you have zero experience, it means that you should pay more attention to dwelling upon your educational background in your resume. You may not have any work experience yet, but you definitely have a vast knowledge in one or a few fields. Your potential employer needs to know that. Perhaps, you are an expert in a field in which they need assistance. You can be the expert they have been looking for. Apart from that, explain how you are planning to use the knowledge you have acquired, as well as how it can help you do your job better.

Volunteer work

Have you ever been a volunteer? Mention it in your resume! Having work experience is not merely defined as working somewhere where you were paid for the job you did. If you worked for free, volunteered or helped an NGO, you should dwell upon this experience in your resume as well. You had duties and responsibilities. You learned how to deliver excellent results. You helped somebody. There is nothing wrong with mentioning it in your resume.

Write a cover letter

Even if it is not required, adding a cover letter will help you better explain why you want this job so much, as well as how useful you can be for the company. Sending a cover letter is often viewed as a good idea, so feel free to write and send one as well. Apart from that, cover letters help you show your personality a little bit more which may be a useful thing when you are applying for a job and want a potential employer to know a little bit more about yourself. If you manage to come up with an impressive cover letter, you will have more chances to convince the whole HR team and the employer that you are the right fit for the position.

Customize your resume

This is one of the most significant aspects to take into account. Don’t send some generic resume, especially when this is your first time applying for a job. Every job offer has different duties listed, as well as different requirements. You need to make sure that your resume is customized to have more chances to get the job. What is more, you will demonstrate how serious you are about working at a company you are applying to. You need to appeal to the needs of each individual employer, and the best way to do that is to submit a customized resume. If you have no work experience, this is the best strategy for you.
All in all, there is no universal formula for how to write a compelling resume. The best resume is the one with the help of which you have managed to get the job of your dreams. Make sure that your resume helps you demonstrate who you are as a professional and a human being. Customize it for every position you apply for. Yet, don’t forget to update it and to be creative. Applicants and employees who know how to stand out are always appreciated. You can easily become one of them. Allocate enough time on the writing process. Take a look at a few examples of compelling resumes. Yet, don’t forget that the best way to craft an impressive resume is to be yourself and to tell the truth. Don’t lie about work experience if you have none. Instead, highlight what you are good at.

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