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Writing a curriculum vitae

As I was wandering around town I came across an advertisement that seemed to me a bit strange. The advert offered one who had had skills for writing curriculum vitae to apply for a position at the address given. I wondered how writing curriculum vitae was a job opportunity, because I believed that anyone who attended school should be able to write his or her curriculum vitae. I decided it might be a prank advertisement. I later decided to buy a newspaper to pass time reading as I was waiting to deliver some parcels to an office in town. I had called there but was told to come later because the person I needed to see was not there. He would only be back later that afternoon so I had free time to spend until late afternoon. I managed to obtain and read a newspaper to help pass the time in an interesting way. While reading the newspaper I came across the same advertisement, and I began to consider it. Perhaps this was not a prank but a serious employment opportunity. The place where the business was located and where interested persons were to take their application was near to where I was. After some thought I decided to go there myself, because I had the time, and I was curious about this unusual advertisement and work opportunity. When I arrived and explained my interest I was warmly welcomed. They asked me whether I was interested in doing the work or just curious. When I said I would do the work they asked whether I was ready to do a test to assess my skills in writing curriculum vitae.

At first I was undecided because I only went there out of curiosity. I was not looking for employment. The advert on writing a curriculum vitae was peculiar, and I only wanted to see if it was real. I decided to tell them the truth, and they were surprised to find out that I never knew about writing services. I told them I was ready to have the test. They provided a pen and a paper. Writing a curriculum vitae was not hard and I quickly finished their assignment. They were amazed with how well I wrote it and within a short time. They asked me whether I would tke the position and become one of the professional writers in their essay company. First I wanted to know what I would be paid for writing a curriculum vitae. I realized that writing a curriculum vitae would pay more than the work I was currently doing and I accepted their offer. I joined the essay company and I began writing a curriculum vitae for people who wanted one written by a professional writer. I came to find that many people were not skilled in writing a curriculum vitae and that's why they came to the essay company for assistance in writing a curriculum vitae. My work in the essay company was enjoyable and educational, because I also learned how to write other essays, especially academic essays. Also I did not find writing tiresome. Now I always take advertisements seriously, because I almost ignored this advert that provided me with a good position and pay as an essay writer.

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