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Writing a cover letter for a resume

All resumes should include a cover letter when a job seeker uses them for application purposes. This is certainly a point that is not always observed, and sometimes some applicants send their resumes to prospective employers without a cover letter. I too have made the mistake of not writing a cover letter for a resume a number of times, and have lived to regret it, because I sometimes feel it is the reason I did not qualify for the positions I wanted so much. I used to believe that writing a cover letter for a resume was not necessary, and so never attached it to my resume. Most employers make it a point to advise willing candidates to send their resume to the organization, but they do not always state that cover letters should be included. Most employers tend to assume that applicants know that writing a cover letter for a resume is mandatory.

On the other hand, applicants tend to think that employers would make it clear that writing a cover letter for a resume was important in the job advertisement if they wanted to see one. These assumptions are what made me fail to include a cover letter with my resumes. I am quite sure the employers perceived me as incompetent, and not fit to fill the position. I do remember that it took me a long time to look for a job: every time I sent my resume to apply for a vacancy, their reply was that my application was not successful. I wondered whether it was my qualifications, but sometimes I felt I was overqualified for some of the vacancies I chose. One day, my uncle - who is a human resource manager in a Production Company - asked me to send him an application for an opportunity that had arisen to join his company. I was quick in writing the resume, was at the post office to send off the resume the following day. A few days later, my uncle called to say that he received my application, but I needed to re-write it because it seemed I did not meet the challenge of writing a cover letter for a resume. He said that if I did not take time writing a cover letter for a resume, my chances of getting the job were exceedingly low, because they do not consider poor application letters, no matter how highly qualified the applicants might be. He advised me to seek help from professional writers, who could assist me in writing a cover letter for a resume.

I was determined to try again for that job, because all my classmates were already employed, and I was the last one left, still seeking job opportunities. I had to look for a good writer to help me in writing a cover letter for a resume as fast as possible: I had only a very limited time. Fortunately, I received recommendations for a good company, and managed to obtain a cover letter writer immediately. I was rather apprehensive and thought the writer might take a long time in writing a cover letter for a resume, which in turn would delay the sending of my application. The following day, however, the writer called to inform me that she had completed writing a cover letter for a resume, and I was to check my email inbox. Indeed, it was a good cover letter for a resume. I forwarded it to my uncle, and eventually got the job.

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