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CV writing services

Before I joined the CV writing services I used to work in a non-Governmental organization as one a human resource officer, and I dealt with recruitment. I used to handle all the curriculum vitae sent to the institution whenever there was recruitment. I took part in interviewing the selected employees, as well as the new employee induction exercise. What I enjoyed most as human resource officer was reading the many curriculum vitae sent by aspiring job applicants. Some of the curriculum vitae were well written, while others were not. These I never bothered to read. These applicants lost their opportunity because of their badly written CV's. This was direct disapproval, and such a candidate was definitely disqualified. It was reading the many curriculum vitae sent to the organization that created my interest in writing curriculum vitae. This interest became a growing passion. Although it was more of a hobby, I believed this skill had its economical side, because when my workmates knew that I could write good curriculum vitae they used to pay me to write their curriculum vitae whenever they applied for a position they thought suited them. I began to think that writing curriculum vitae was a business venture for me, but what limited me, was the lack of capital to establish a CV writing Service Company where I could offer CV writing services.

I felt a strong urge to offer CV writing services for sale, but I did not know how. I lost interest in my work as a human resource officer, and I spend much of my time strategizing on how I could offer my CV writing services to the many people who really needed the CV writing services. One day I heard an advert over the radio. It said that a writing company wanted to employ someone who had skills in curriculum vitae writing. I did not think twice, and early in the morning I went to visit the writing company. I had carried with me some of the curriculum vitae I had written before. They checked them and were satisfied. They told me that it was the culture of the company to test all new employees, and I was not exempted. I was more than ready to do their tests because I did not doubt my competence in CV writing. They were satisfied with my test results, and I joined the CV writing services company, and began offering the required CV writing services. Soon my CV writing services were highly recommended by my employers, and many customers were impressed with the CV writing services I offered to them. Many people were interested in my CV writing services, and even brought their CV to me for amendments, especially the CVs that were not written by a professional CV writer. The company began to get more customers who wanted the CV services, and sometimes it was even hard to handle their demands, because the work load was too much. I never tired of writing curriculum vitae, and I , and their satisfaction was my drive and inspiration. This gave me the motivation to continue working. My hard work was rewarded. I gained job satisfaction, more experience from the services I offered my customers, and I was able to provide well for my family.

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