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Banking resume

The banking sector is one of those industries that provide many of jobs for qualified individuals. It matters little whether it is the financial controller, or the investment consultant position that you are applying for, because the requisites for a banking resume are same for almost all banking positions. We know this because we have written many banking resume for many professionals, who have gone ahead and secured the jobs they were applying for. These bankers succeeded because their resume was strong. When writing a banking resume, we usually divide the resume into distinct categories and sub-categories, by using brief paragraphs, and bullet points, that are designed to make it very easy for the reader to scan through the resume. In any banking resume, it is important that the professional experience of the individual is placed at the top of the resume, because this is the most important section, and is the section most employers would like to look at first in a resume. Right below the professional section, we normally place the educational section, followed by subsidiary information ,such as language and any other skills that the individual may possess. Just as it is with any other resume, we begin writing the banking resume by writing the individual's contact information. This includes the individual's full name, permanent address, telephone contacts and email address. After the contacts, a good banking resume should have a section that illustrates the individual's career objective.

This section of the banking resume is followed by the individual's key professional qualifications, where we summarize the individual's key qualifications and strengths in the top half of the first page. After mentioning your key qualifications, we also list your areas of expertise, we include all the key words that are relevant to your caree, and the job that you are interested in. We will not forget to emphasize on your accomplishments and show quantifiable results of the bank jobs that you have been in. These happen to be the very important parts of your banking resume. The common mistake that many people make when writing their banking resume is not being specific enough, and not focusing their resume on results. We have noticed these mistakes from many of our clients who write their own resumes, and bring them to us for editing and polishing. One thing that applies to bankers, and the thing that all bankers should know when writing a banking resume is that, unlike lawyers, or doctors, bankers get paid depending on their results. A banker should therefore illustrate to a potential employee how results-oriented he is, this by including detailed information about his results. For instance, instead of just writing that the banker did some research on acquisition targets, within the home-building industry, we would include extra information about the criteria used by the individual to select acquisition targets. We also include information concerning what the criteria was based on, whether valuation, profitability, revenue or market capitalization. We will also include details in the banking resume of how the individual managed to narrow down the list from several hundreds to a few. Besides the details, we would also include some numbers, such as the number of targets one reached, and the number of interested buyers the individual closed the deal with.

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