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Academic curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae is an essay form that is created from a person's academic qualifications, experiences and biographic information. Students are taught how to write academic curriculum vitae at school, but in formats that are not considered professional. Many teachers teach students the basics of writing an academic curriculum vitae, but do not go into the advanced levels of writing academic curriculum vitae. This is why many students after school are not able to write a professional academic curriculum vitae. Many university students are not able to write good curriculum vitae. Most schools do not teach their students how to write academic curriculum vitae, therefore we cannot blame those students who lack the skill to write an curriculum vitae.

The first time I wrote academic curriculum vitae was when I graduated from university. During the sixteen years I spent at school I never wrote curriculum vitae, and I did not come across one. It was not ease for me to write curriculum vitae, so I asked my dad to lend me one of his. I knew he had one, because he was a senior officer in the government. I assumed that he would have professional curriculum vitae or know how it should be written. He told me that his curriculum vitae was not detailed, and of not much use. I could not answer him because I did not know anything about curriculum vitae's, and the least clue was important to me. I spent my time reading books to obtain information about curriculum writing, but no book gave me any relevant information about CV writing. My father's CV was written twenty years before I was born, and I regarded it as outdated. It was written in a poor handwriting, and the paper on which it was written was old, with the hand writing almost fading away. From a glance I knew that following my father's CV format would not help. I tried calling my brother who was an engineer, and lived in town, to get his advice on writing my academic curriculum vitae. Again I expected he would know how to write professional curriculum vitae I was wrong. He told me that he knew only the basics, and that his CV was written for him by a curriculum vitae professional writer when he applied for his current job. I persuaded him to help me get the services of the professional writer, because I had difficulties with writing my academic curriculum vitae, and I was really desperate. My brother told me that he would email the contact address of the essay company from which he got curriculum vitae writing service. I felt somehow relieved as I waited for his email. Soon after I got the contact number, I immediately made a phone call, and it went through. I explained my problem to the person I was talking to, whom I thought was also a professional writer, and he told me if I wanted them to write my academic curriculum vitae I had to e-mail my personal information regarding my education and other achievements as well as my names, address and referee address to them. I did so, and after a day they sent me professional written academic curriculum vitae. I am always grateful to my brother, and the writer, for their assistance.

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